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SAQA - South Africa Qualifications Authority

The aim of the evaluation process is to compare foreign qualifications with South African qualifications in order for a level of recognition to be recommended. The recommendations made on Certificates of Evaluation should be seen as guidelines and are not binding on any institution. With regard to professional practice and/or admission to further study, these evaluations should ideally be supplemented with a purpose specific assessment accounting for content and learning outcomes.

Certain international degrees will need to be accompanied by a SAQA evaluation certificate. It is the student’s responsibility to contact, and manage this process, through SAQA. Please note that this can be time consuming and could delay your application by as much as one year. Once SAQA verification has been received please resubmit your application to Unisa with the necessary SAQA evaluation certificate. In some instances these applications will be referred to the relevant academic department for review.

Applications close at the end of November of each year and re-open on the 2nd of January of the next year. This should be borne in mind when the application is made and when calculating the processing time. For your convenience, please contact us for "Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications" by SAQA offices. We'll assist you to prepare applications that can be downloaded from this page.

Results will be posted to the forwarding address provided by you. If a copy of the results is to be forwarded directly to a third party, this must be indicated in the space provided overleaf by providing the relevant particulars. An additional fee, as indicated overleaf, is charged for this service.

Certified copies of qualification documents are acceptable. The right is reserved, however, to request original documents and/or have the authenticity of documents verified. If altered or falsified documents are submitted, no evaluation will be issued, no refund will be made, the designees for the evaluation will be notified and the information shared with government agencies.

The normal processing time is 30 working days (six weeks) from the date of registration of the application, which should include proper and complete documentation, payment as indicated and other particulars as requested – please note that processing of an evaluation can only
commence at that stage.

Priority evaluations may be requested at an increased tariff, as indicated. These will be processed within the timelines indicated overleaf strictly on the conditions that work volume allows and there is sufficient capacity available, that all the information on which to base an evaluation is at hand, and documentation received meets the requirements as set out overleaf. This office reserves the right to limit the number of priority evaluations registered and/or processed per day, if and as circumstances dictate.

Processing time applies equally to the processing of all document types and excludes time in the mail. If considerable research or correspondence to obtain necessary information is required, in the event of unusually busy periods or when circumstances beyond our control prevail, the time span, as indicated above, may be extended.

To download the SAQA application, please click on the following link:

Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications Form

Basic fees (as applicable) - processing takes up to 30 working days

> <
Certificate of Evaluation R300-00    
Re-evaluation (amendments/additions not as a result of our oversight) R175-00    
Certified Statements (e.g. to verify the status of an institution where studies are intended) R175-00    
Additional fees (to be added by applicant for extra services required/charged by SAQA for additional costs incurred, as applicable):
Handling fees:
Bank charges for payments in foreign currency +R85-00    

Bulk applications (5 and more), per set of 10 or part thereof


Cancellation fee R100-00    
Administrative fee: refunds R25-00    
Prioritization of application (conditions overleaf):
Processing required within 15 working days +R150-00    
Processing required within 5 working days +R300-00    
Extra documentation to be issued:
Additional original certificate +R35-00    
True copies of the original: to applicant (each) +R10-00    
True copies: forwarded to other parties (each) +R20-00    

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