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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process for obtaining credit in a module or course offered by Unisa. Individuals who have acquired learning through non-formal education, such as work experience, self-study, volunteer activities and other life experience, can be assessed and subsequently awarded credit towards an educational module or course at Unisa.

Who can apply for RPL?
Adults who have at least five years of current postsecondary school experience, and who have acquired skills and knowledge through one or some of the following: formal study, work experience, informal study for recreational or personal interest, company-based training, industry-based training, working with experts in the field, life experience, and who comply with the admission criteria for the program they wish to apply for RPL credit (certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degree).

Credit is granted when the candidate's knowledge and skills match the learning outcomes for a specific module, course or program. Applications for credit are made for specific modules, courses or programs.

Please address all enquiries relating to the RPL process or assistance needed to IACI.

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