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First-time students at UNISA must apply on-line: http://www.iaci-canada.com/requestinfo.php  or contact IACI at (604) 408 2728 or (403) 668 1421 or (360) 306 5949.

Once the data has been recorded, we'll send you the program syllabus and instructions for this application phase.

Students who already have a UNISA student number proceed directly to the registration phase.


First-time students with us must apply on-line: http://www.iaci-canada.com/requestinfo.php  or contact IACI at  (604) 408 2728 or (403) 668 1421 or (360) 306 5949..

Once a student number has been allocated to an individual, this student number will remain his/her student number at UNISA for all formal qualifications

You may download the application/registration form for Bachelor's, Honour's, Master's and Doctoral degrees.

The registration form together with all required documentation will be mailed to: IACI-CANADA-USA, #412-938 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z-1N9, Canada.  We'll inform you the exact fees quoted by the university, to be submitted before the relevant closing date.  Students must please take note that certain degrees are by selection and have earlier closing dates than the normal registration closing dates.  Any documents required for registration submitted must be included here, if not previously submitted.

Kindly note that only original transcripts of academic records issued by the Registrar of the University/Institution concerned are accepted for registration purposes.  Degree certificates should not be submitted. ID document (Passport) must be notarized by public notary.

All applications for masterís and doctoral degrees will be assessed before being referred to the relevant academic department where the Executive Committee will rule on admission.

If approved, students who have submitted their complete application (i.e. all required documents and fees) will automatically be registered after admission has been approved.  Other students will be informed of any remaining conditions to be complied with in order to finalise their registration.  All other students will be informed of the outcome of their applications and, where applicable, the tuition, study fees paid will be refunded.

The process outlined above may be time consuming in some cases, especially when we approach the various closing dates when most applications are invariably submitted.  It is, therefore, essential that prospective students apply well in advance, especially where deadlines set by employers and sponsors have to be met.


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