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The University has changed all registration procedures as from July 2009 which, will be implemented in 2012 academic year. It has introduced an application phase well in advance of the registration period. We'll guide you throughout this complex and make it easy and less frustration for you should you decide to use our services.
The sequence of degrees at UNISA is as follows:                            
Bachelorís, Honours Bachelorís, Masterís and Doctoral degrees in the same major subject (i.e. a bachelorís with a major in Public Administration, an honours bachelorís in Public Administration or a masterís degree in Public Administration). 

In general, UNISA Bachelor's degrees are three year degrees with two majors on third year level. The Honors degree represents a fourth year where the student specializes in one major - the curriculum typically comprised of 4-6 papers.

Master's Degree
A student must hold:
(a) an Honors Bachelor's degree
(b) note that on the recommendation of the Head of the Department, an oral or a written examination may be prescribed as an additional requirement for admission.

The curriculum comprises either:
(a) a dissertation on an approved topic, or
(b) papers and a dissertation of limited scope on approved topics

Application to study at Unisa
  • Please click on the Application to study at UNISA.
  • Download/print, answer the questions (fill it in, use black ink please), once you have completed the form, please scan and email us a copy. Should you need help, please see Postgraduate instruction for registration
  • At this stage and for first evaluation, you may email us a copy of your supporting documents (academic records) such as: High school certificate, tertiary qualification's) and ID document.
  • We'll provide you with printed registration form for your verification, confirmation and signature.
  • We will review your application & documents, make sure it's ready for registration, and provide you with a student number after completion. We will advised you on any missing admission item required, and will report back to you on any progress your application has been made as well as information on tuition fees payments.
  • Please use PayPal on our homepage website and pay the US$100 Non-refundable Application Fees.
  • While we doing the above, you prepare your original documents (academic records) to be send to the University.
Registration process for new students:
A.       Submission of your documents:
All original documents  (i.e. school documents, proof of I.D) need to be sent to the university. Faxed or e-mailed documents will not be accepted as originals. 
Documents to be submitted:
(a).    If you did not obtain the qualification prescribed for admission at this University, you must submit an original transcript of your complete academic record for the relevant degree issued by the REGISTRAR of the concerned university. In the case of a completed master's degree, the percentage or symbol obtained or the standard reached must be indicated on the transcript. Since the Head of the Department may demand your entire academic record, you are advised to submit a transcript of the academic record for your bachelor's degree and honor's bachelor's degree as well (if not obtained at UNISA).
(b).    A notarized copy of your identity documents, passport preferable or birth certificates reflecting your full names and date of birth. 

Postgraduate students are not formally registered until:
  • their admission has been formally approved by Faculty Executive.
  • an acceptable topic backed up by a detailed research proposal has been submitted.

    All the following items need to be MAILED to UNISA. We'll provide you with the exact address since it change from time to time:

  • Application Form  (hard copy)
  • An original transcript of your complete academic record for the relevant degree, issued by the REGISTRAR of the university/high school/college concerned. The percentage or symbol obtained or the standard reached must be indicated on the transcript. Any letters of recommendation are also considered.
  • You must submit original academic records, if the academic record is not in English, the translation of the academic record done by a registered translator must also be included.  Please mail us the original translated document. Unisa will not accept e-mailed academic records. If a student wishes to register for a master's or doctoral in Education, an abbreviated CV must also be included.
  • A notarize copy of your identity documents, passport or birth certificates reflecting your full names and date of birth. If applicable, a marriage certificate must be sent in as well if the name differs on the academic records or identity documents (all identity documents must be certified by a public notary). 
  • Tuition Fees will be paid later using one of four options: credit card, cheque, bank to bank transfer or PAYPAL.
Registration process for returning students:
Wherever possible, returning students should submit registration forms by email.

Click below to download the application forms:

If you have questions on how to fill out the forms, please see the following instructions:

Answer the questions and email us a copy.

Registration Information Brochure, examination timetables for the academic year and study materials will be sent to you directly from Unisa by courier service within 5 days of a finalized registration. Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.

For ADMISSION AND REGISTRATION towards 2013 academic year (Jan to Dec) please see: Entry Requirement  

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